Fully Certified

Here at The Carole Group, we like to think that our standards are the highest they can be. To prove this we strike every day to conform to the latest best practice, our benchmarks, much like others in the world, are prescribed by International Organisation for Standardisation or the ISO for short.

Operations Director, Lynn Soane, oversees all of the testing and implementation of standards and likes to make sure we're always ship shape and ready for audit.  Having implemented many and obtained ISO 14001:2004 The Carole Group can be trusted to ensure that all of our processes live up to the stringent rules prescribed under ISO rules.

Our bespoke internal software allows us to maintain transparency throughout all of our transactions, whether that is internal or to you, the customer, we like to make sure you're aware of all goings on with your order.

When sourcing products we aim to use our trusted supply partners, those who we have had relationships for over 20 years. These partners maintain the standards that are expected when importing goods and toys for use in the United kingdom.